Raw Materials

Distribution of raw materials of natural extraction for food supplements and nutraceuticals for functional food

Raw Materials

We have a huge selection of raw material in powders and extracts. This list it is not complete, just some of the raw materials we have.

Excessive-quality raw material supplies are the muse of a pure well being product. Sourcing substances may be difficult by seasonality, minimal order necessities, market developments, and budgetary issues. If you manufacture a product with Naturavit, you have got an skilled raw materials Buying Division at your service.

Strategic Partnerships with Respected Suppliers

Naturavit has strategic partnerships with raw materials suppliers permitting us to buy substances at the very best value whereas sustaining excessive high quality requirements.

Our tons of of suppliers are rigorously chosen for his or her confirmed monitor file of on-time deliveries and product high quality requirements. To make sure that an ingredient scarcity doesn’t have an effect on your product’s manufacturing lead time we've an intensive database of back-up suppliers that meet our specs.

Excessive High quality Raw Material Supplies

In case your product requires a brand new ingredient, we’ll search globally for a good provider and procure samples that our High quality Management division inspects and checks earlier than approval is given to buy.

New and present suppliers present us with a Certificates of Evaluation for each ingredient, and we additionally ship all raw supplies for third-party testing to confirm their efficiency and purity.

Monitoring Down Particular and Uncommon Components

Rising shopper consciousness has led to calls for for distinctive and new to the market substances. Shoppers are additionally actively trying to find Natural and non-GMO merchandise. Our trade specialists may help you select the preferred or pure types of substances.

We have now a confirmed monitor file of having the ability to supply any supplies our shoppers require.

Discovering Components on the Finest Price

Our quantity of buying allows us to fulfill provider’s minimal order necessities in addition to get monetary savings on delivery. The Buying Division continually checks for worth updates to acquire substances at the very best worth. In addition they frequently test historic information and ingredient forecasts to maintain you up to date on potential upcoming shortages or worth spikes.

Lowered Lead Instances

We are able to help with border paperwork to make sure the shortest lead time till supply. We have now most well-liked freight companions that additionally work with us to maneuver supplies to our facility in probably the most environment friendly means attainable.  Our intensive trade information permits us to scale back your lead time so your product can get to market as rapidly as attainable.

Kosher and Halal Certified products available.


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Akarkara 0.5% Bacopa 35% Sapnins Chitrakmool 0.2% Eclipta Alba 3%
Aloe Vera Leaf 100:1 Bacopa Moneri 45% Sapnins Cissius Quadrangularis 20:1  
Aloe Vera Leaf 200:1 Bael Fruit 8% Tannins Cissus Quadrangularis 2.5%  
Alpha Lipoic Acid Banaba Leaf Coleus Forkshil 10%  
Amaltas 5:1 Bhui Amla 2% Bitter Curcumin 95%  
Amla ‐ 25% Boswelia Serrata 15% Chanca Piedra  
Amla Ext 30% Tannins Boswellia 50% Boswellic acid    
Arjuna 25% Boswellia 65% Boswellic acid    
Arjuna 25% Tannins      
Ashoka 10% Tannins      
Ashoka 5%      
Ashwagandha 1.5% Withanoloids      
Ashwagandha 2.5% Withanoloids      
Fenugreek 10:1 Garcinia cambogia 50% HCA Haritaki ext 30% Tannins Kali Musli 10%
  Ginger 5% Heena 5% Kalmegh (Andographis) 10% Bitters
  Glucomannon 75% Hibiscus ‐ Muskdana 20:1 Kalmegh 8%
  Gotu Kola 20% Saponins Hibiscus 10% Koranti 1% Magniferin
  Guduchi 2.5% Bitters Hibiscus 4:1 Kuliakhara .5%
  Guggul 10% Guggulesterones Hibiscus Rosa 10:1 Kulinjan 4% Shagol
  Guggul 2.5% Holy Basil 20% Tannins  
  Guggul 2.5% Guggulesterones Hercampuri  
  Gymnema 25% Gymenic acid    
  Gymnema Sylvestre 25%    
L‐Dopa 80% Majuphal 25% Neem 1% Bitters Piper Longum ‐ 2% Piperine
L‐glutamine Mandukaparni 15% Noni 15% Piper Nigrum 3% Piperine
Lodhra 5% Manjistha 15% Noni 5:1 Psyllium Husk Powder 85%
  Momordica Charantia 2%(Bitter Melon)   Psyllium Husk Powder 90%
  Momordica Charantia 2.5%(Bitter Melon)   Psyllium Husk Powder 95%
  Mucuna 25% Catachalamins as L‐dopa   Psyllium Husk Powder 99%
  Mucuna Pruriens L‐Dopa‐10%   Psyllium Husk 85%
  Maca   Pomegranate 25%
      Pomegranate 25%
Ritha 20% Safed Musli 20% Tribulus (Gokshura) 20% Varun 5%
Rose Hips 10:1 Senna Powder Tribulus (Gokshura) 25% Vasaka 1%
  Shatavari 15% Saponins Tribulus (Gokshura) 30% Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
  Shatavari 20% Tribulus (Gokshura) 40%  
  Shilajeet 3% Fulvic Acid Tribulus (Gokshura) 45%  
    Tribulus Terrestris 40%Sap  
    Trikatu ext  
    Triphala 20% Tannins  
    Triphala 30%  
W Y    
White Kidney Bean 10000 units

Yastimadhu 20%

White Kidney Bean 14000 units      
White Kidney Bean 5000 units  
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