Collagen Vitamin C

Collagen Vitamin C

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Collagen ( 60 Capsules )

Collagen is a vital necessary protein that produces almost all of the skins supporting framework. Bovine collagen  will allow you to maintain younger looks for a longer time. Collagen is mainly present in  tendons ,  ligaments, bones,  and  skin .  It is an essential nutrient needed by the body especially the skin, bones and muscles. It can help decrease the dimpling on the skin by restoring and rebuilding these fibers that can cause fatty tissue to show.

Hydrolyzed bovine collagen is a powder which may be encapsulated  or in it's powder form can be mixed with a beverage as a protein powder . The body only generates a modest amount of the 19 necessary proteins, therefore the rest have to be ingested on a regular basis by means of diet.

Naturavit's Hydrolyzed Collagen with  Vitamin C is a complex structural protein which provides strength and flexibility to the skin, bones, ligaments, nails and hair.*

*Collagen is also available in the form of Liquid, or as a cream.

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