Collagen Elastin with Vitamin E

Collagen Elastin with Vitamin E

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Collagen Elastin Cream & Vitamin E  ( 4 oz )

Over time, ageing can strain your skin of crucial healthy proteins.  Certain collagens found in skin cells are crucial for pores and skin durability and elasticity. 

Collagen happen to be utilized for many years to renew the skins flexibility which help preserve its younger physical appearance.  Bovine collagen can also be utilized in topical cream solutions to boost the look of skin by minimizing lines and wrinkles.
A 2014 study shows that women who used a Collagen supplement had  improvements in skin elasticity  

Some foods are healthier for your skin than others. So, when you desire to prevent your self from lines and wrinkles, or perhaps get rid of them, besides using Naturavit's Collagen cream, you should also consume skin-friendly meals. Naturavit's Collagen cream with Vitamin E and Elastin, work together to create skin strength, firmness, and shape.

Directions: Apply on clean face and neck areas or where needed.


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